Slowly at first

Thursday, Nov 25, 2021

Balochistan is by far the least developed province in Pakistan. All socioeconomic indicators prove this. There are, of course, inbuilt structural constraints such as a large territory, sparse population, uncultivable and rocky landscape, waning water availability etc. Since construction infrastructure is costly, the province has little of it. The provincial capital – Quetta – is the only centre of urbanisation. It has educated professionals, quality schools, and decent healthcare at tertiary hospitals. Hence, Quetta is keeping up with the standards of other metropolitan cities in the country. Per capita revenues in Quetta are the highest across the province, owing to enormous productivity.

In recent years, however, Turbat is materialising as the second urban nucleus of the province. Elevated literacy levels have assisted this surge. It is hoped that other cities in Balochistan will have similar development projects, and the province will soon prosper.

Insaf Ali Bangwar