Top health official summoned in doctor’s case

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Nov 25, 2021

LAHORE: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti has sought personal appearance of Punjab Secretary Specialised Healthcare to explain his position for not issuing appointment letter to Dr Faryad Hussain as Associate Professor despite recommendation of the Punjab Public Service Commission.

Senior lawyer Hafiz Tariq Nasim appeared on behalf of aggrieved doctor and contended that the doctor had been discriminated against and penalised for nothing having been recommended for the post of AP. The counsel submitted that the doctor was eligible and having been recommended by the PPSC and PMDC was not issued a necessary appointment letter by the Punjab Specialised Secretary Healthcare on the plea that he lacked five-year post experience. The counsel drew attention of the court that in terms of the PMC Act 2020, the PMDC recommendations were protected and could not be undone by PPSC. Once the aggrieved doctor had been recommended by the PPSC then there was no justification for withholding the issuance of his appointment letter as Associate Professor. He submitted that inaction of the respondents appears in violation of Article 4 of the Constitution whereby Legal Rights of the Citizens had been guaranteed.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice expressed his displeasure over non-preparation of the case by the Additional Advocate General Punjab when he could not respond to certain queries of the Court. The chief justice asked him as to why the appointment letter had not been issued to which the AAG stated that the doctor lacked five-year experience as Assistant Professor. To another query of the CJ as to whether the petitioner doctor had equivalence experience having been in the medical services, the AAG said the competent authority had not issued him the NOC and so far as the PPSC recommendations were concerned one of the Legal Member PMC had written a letter to undo PPSC recommendations. On this, Hafiz Tariq submitted that PPSC recommendations were protected under the PMC Act 2020 as such the action of the respondents was unwarranted, illegal and unconstitutional besides misuse of authority. After hearing both sides in detail the chief justice issued notices for the personal appearance of Secretary Specialised Healthcare Punjab for December 07.