PBC wants inquiry into audio, video clips against judiciary

Sohail Khan
Thursday, Nov 25, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Bar Council on Wednesday demanded an independent inquiry commission to inquire into the recent allegations pertaining to audio and video recordings bringing the independence of judiciary into question.

The demand was made in a meeting held here at the Supreme Court, chaired by Khushdil Khan, vice chairman of Pakistan Bar Council, and Fahim Wali Khan, chairman of Executive Committee of PBC.

After the meeting, the PBC issued an ambiguous press release not mentioning the name of any person but demanded that an independent inquiry commission comprising a retired chief justice, a senior lawyer of great repute and a senior parliamentarian of impeccable character be constituted to inquire into the recent allegations pertaining to audio and video recordings, whereby the independence of judiciary has been brought into question.

The house resolved that the commission should formulate its recommendations for appropriate actions against the responsible person by fixing responsibility to ensure the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan and restore public confidence in the judicial system.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Bar Council also took exception to the conduct of visits by the judicial officers to various schools on the orders of the superior authorities, which is beyond the dignity and status of judiciary and is also violative of the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan. The house also showed its concerns over the price hike of daily commodities, increase in unemployment, worsening law and order situation and target-killings of innocent people including lawyers and media persons.

It expressed reservations over passing of 33 bills in a single day by the federal government without consensus of the opposition, severe conditionality of the IMF imposed upon the government of Pakistan in respect of getting loan and continuous devaluation Pak rupee.

The council authorized the vice-chairman to convene a convention in Islamabad, where all stakeholders i.e. representatives of bar bodies, civil society, media and political parties would be invited to discuss prevailing issues. The meeting was attended PBC members including Syed Amjad Shah, Mahmood Masood Chishti, Ahsen Bhoon and Abid Saqi.