JI youth long march against unemployment on 28th: Liaqat Baloch

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Nov 25, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami’s Naib Ameer Liaqat Baloch has demanded the government lift ban on student unions and address the issue of unemployment affecting over 75 percent country’s youth.

Addressing a press conference here Wednesday, he announced the JI youth would launch peaceful long-march on Islamabad on November 28 against joblessness and anti-youth policies of the rulers. Educated but jobless people from all over the country were participating in the march, he said, adding the sit-in would be staged at the federal Capital’s D-Chowk and demand the prime minister provide jobs to the protesters. Reminding the premier his promise to create 10 million jobs, Baloch said the PTI government rather snatched livelihood sources from millions of people in three years. He said a large number of young people supported the PTI in election with the hope that its government would address their issues. But, he added, the prime minister completely ignored the youth after coming to power, following the track of former governments. The JI, he said, had decided to unite the youth and infuse a spirit of hope in their hearts as majority of them became desperate and hopeless due to rulers’ attitude. Baloch said the PTI kept the status quo intact and paid no heed to the miseries of the masses.