Beyond reach

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024

I am deeply concerned by the recent approval of price hikes for 146 essential medicines by the caretaker federal government. While acknowledging global market challenges, the impact on citizens, who are already facing shortages and increased costs, cannot be overlooked.

I urge the government to reconsider these decisions, ensuring accessibility and affordability of vital medications for the well-being of our community. Additionally, expediting actions against hoarding and smuggling and addressing the persistent drug shortage issue, are crucial steps towards a healthier society.

Gulzar Dildar



Rising drug prices only add to the burden already felt from the increasing costs of necessities like electricity, gas, and petrol. Under the caretaker federal government, pharmaceutical companies appear to have more leeway to increase the prices of essential medicines.

As the elected governments prepare to take over, the caretaker government should prioritize crucial matters and refrain from making decisions with significant long-term effects.

Jalashk Balach