PSB takes notice of AFP’s negligence at Asian Indoor event

Abdul Mohi Shah
Thursday, Feb 22, 2024

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has taken a strong notice of the professional mismanagement by the Athletic Federation of Pakistan (AFP) that deprived top athletes Shajar Abbas and Jaffar Ashraf of competing in the just-concluded 11th Asian Indoor Athletics Championship in Tehran (Iran).

In a strongly-worded explanation letter written to the AFP, the PSB has sought a detailed answer on the reports emerging where despite the presence of two athletes at the championship they were not allowed to compete in their respective events. The criteria and general laid down rules clearly say that the management or officials accompanying the team will have to confirm entries of the players almost a day before that respective competition. In the case of two Pakistan athletes no prior confirmation was registered, thus leaving them high and dry when it came to their participation in the event. Though no AFP official was available for comments, it is believed that those accompanying the Pakistan team had no knowledge of such practice.

In a letter written to the president AFP, the PSB stated that it has been reported that despite presence of two athletes -- Shajar Abbas and Jaffar Ashraf in Iran -- they could not participate in the subject event.

“This lapse raises serious concerns about the management and responsibility. We understand the importance of ensuring active involvement of our athletes in international competitions, not only for their individual growth and development but also for the promotion of Pakistan’s sporting prowess on the global stage,” the letter said.