Rigging saga

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024

The integrity of our democratic processes is now under scrutiny, with the PTI-backed candidates and others raising serious doubts about the legitimacy of the outcomes. These accusations of electoral manipulation and challenges to the constitutional order demand immediate attention. With our nation’s democratic fabric at risk, urgent measures are necessary to ensure election accountability, fairness, and transparency. It is crucial for the relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive investigation into these claims and uphold the fundamental principles of democracy.

The stability of our democracy relies heavily on the integrity of our electoral institutions and the safeguarding of citizens’ rights. Moreover, it is essential for both the ECP and the interim government to prioritize preserving their credibility and reputation. Upholding democracy is not only a commitment to the people of Pakistan but also a matter of institutional integrity. Any failure in accountability would erode public confidence and pose a serious threat to the bedrock of our democratic system.

Dilbar Ali