People have given proof of love for Imran: Elahi

Our Correspondent
Friday, Feb 23, 2024

LAHORE: PTI Central President Parvez Elahi said that the people of Pakistan had given proof of their love for Imran Khan in the form of votes.

In an informal conversation with journalists after appearing in the court, along with former secretary Punjab Assembly Muhammad Khan Bhatti, he said that the ‘ladlas’ stole PTI’s mandate overnight. “Salik and Shafay should first return the mandate of the people of Gujrat, then we will think of any discussion. The real mandate stealer is Mohsin Naqvi and his police party,” he said.

Ch Parvez Elahi said, “Imran Khan was the prime minister of the people before and he is still holding the same position today and he would be the PM tomorrow because Imran Khan lives in the hearts of the people and the people would not accept a government that does not have their mandate. “We will fight every battle to protect the public mandate,” he vowed. Ch Parvez Elahi said that the people of Pakistan have not disappointed them and the people should not be disappointed either. “These vote stealers would have to suffer disgrace,” he said.

Ch Pervez Elahi said that the people have rejected the ‘ladlas’, then how they could talk about the public interest. “The mandate thieves do not want to gain power in the interest of the country but for their own interest, those who used to speak against each other in the election campaign, after the election, they have united once again to ransack the country,” he said.