The genocide continues

Editorial Board
Monday, Feb 26, 2024

There are now at least 29,692 dead Gazans since October 7 – all of whom have been killed in the war being waged by Israel on Palestinian bodies. In the latest, negotiations are continuing regarding the release of Israeli hostages. Ironically, Israel seems to still think it can bully its way out of what is now openly and widely being called a genocide. The people of Gaza have been starving for months now. The World Food Programme says that, while there is enough food on Gaza’s borders to feed all of Gaza, the genocidal war being waged by Israel means that food cannot reach the people. To summarize in the words of Dr Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian physician who used to work in Gaza and who spoke with AlJazeera a few days back, “This is not a tragedy. This is a man-made, meant-to-be starvation, forced upon the people of Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces … It’s part of the politics of elimination of the Palestinian people”.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to target Khan Younis through its expanded ground invasion. Not only that; the Zionist state is also targeting whole families for elimination. Just a few days back, Palestinian human rights lawyer Dana Yaghy, along with 40 members of her family, were killed by Israeli forces. All the while, settlers in the Occupied West Bank are continuing to uproot Palestinian families as part of the illegal settlement scheme that Israel has expanded in the past few years. The little glimmer of hope is when the international community acknowledges that what is going on is not normal – it is a war crime, it is a genocide. In a case separate from the one filed by South Africa, the ICJ is currently also listening to arguments by countries on the legalities surrounding Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

The famed ‘bravery’ of the Palestinians has been tested to breaking point – and yet they rise in resistance against the maniacal Israeli occupation. How much more are the Palestinians supposed to ‘sacrifice’? How much more ‘bravery’ and dignity will the world demand from them? The genocide must stop, and Israel must be held accountable for the unprecedented violence it has unleashed. While Israel is smarting over a lost PR war, and evidently deciding that going ahead with what can only be called a genocide still won’t cost it much internationally, the world needs to come to terms with the monster that is staring it back in the mirror and reminding it that Palestine’s blood is on the screaming silence by regimes around the world.