Vegetables rates high despite ample supply

Jawwad Rizvi
Monday, Feb 26, 2024

LAHORE:Most of seasonal vegetables are not sold at cheap rates despite their prices have reduced in official rate lists.

Winter season nears ending. Supply of vegetables of the season is ample. But their prices are still high. Because those supposed to check prices in markets and ensure that buyers should not be overcharged seem nowhere, giving a free hand to the sellers to sell their items as per the prices they deem reasonable.

The rate of onion has reduced, but it is still sold above Rs200 per kg. This week price of chicken remained unchanged at Rs411-427 per kg, sold at Rs460-480 per kg, and chicken meat at Rs619 per kg, and sold Rs670-1200 per kg.

The price of potato soft skin gained by Rs3 per kg, fixed at Rs44-48 per kg, B-grade fixed at Rs37-40 per kg, and C-grade fixed at Rs32-35 per kilogram, mixed sold at Rs60-80 per kg.

The price of onion A-grade gained by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs160-165 per kg, sold at Rs180-200 per kg, B-grade by Rs25 per kg, fixed at Rs150-155 per kg, sold at Rs160 per kg, and C-grade gained by Rs35 per kg, fixed at Rs135-140 per kg, sold at sold at Rs150 per kg.

The price of tomato A-grade further increased, fixed at Rs125-130 per kg, sold at Rs200 per kg, B-grade fixed at Rs110-115 per kg, sold at Rs150 per kg, and C-grade fixed at Rs100-105 per kg, sold at Rs120 per kg.

The price of garlic local was fixed at Rs510-515 per kg, sold at Rs600 per kg, and Garlic China fixed at Rs515-530 per kg, sold at Rs800 per kg.

The price Ginger Thai fixed at Rs430-450 per kg, sold at Rs600-800 per kg, Garlic Indonesia at Rs315-330 per kg, sold Rs500 per kg. Ginger China was fixed at Rs465-485 per kg, sold at Rs800 per kg.

Cucumber Farm gained by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs67-70 per kg, sold at Rs100-120 per kg.

The price of different variety of apples fixed at Rs58-290 per kg, sold at Rs200-500 per kg. The price of Banana A-category further gained by Rs15 per dozen, fixed at Rs165-170 per dozen, sold at Rs220 per dozen, and B-category fixed at Rs115-120 per dozen, sold at Rs160-180 per dozen, and C-category fixed at Rs75-80 per dozen, sold at Rs130-140 per dozen.

Dates Irani fixed at Rs470-490 per kg, sold at Rs800 to 1200 per kg. Papaya fixed at Rs210-220 per kg, sold at Rs250-280 per kg. Grapes toofi fixed at Rs440-460 per kg, sold at Rs600-800 per kg.

Pomegranate danaydar fixed at Rs385-400 per kg, sold at Rs500 per kg, Pomegranate khandahri fixed at Rs300-310 per kg, sold at Rs500-600 per kg, Pomegranate bedana fixed at Rs635-655 per kg, sold at Rs1000-1200 per kg.