Sajawal police fail to arrest prisoners who escaped from sub-jail

Aftab Ahmed
Monday, Feb 26, 2024

HYDERABAD: Three prisoners escaped from the judicial sub-jail of District Sajawal on Saturday night

Among the escaped prisoners are Rafiq Murghar, Bilawal Chandio, and Sattar Manghar involved in drug and motorcycle theft cases.

While the escaped prisoners were imprisoned in barrack number 1 of the prison, they managed to escape by breaking the barracks. The prison administration inspected the barracks in the morning and 3 prisoners were found missing from the barrack.

On the other hand, the news of the escape of three prisoners from the sub-jail caused a stir in the jail administration. SSP Sajawal Shehla Qureshi took notice of the incident and ordered an inquiry by suspending the entire police staff responsible for the supervision of the prison. Sajawal sub-jail police have registered a case against four officials.

ASI Mian Bakhsh Bhutto, police constable Deedar Leghari, police constable Zakaria Chhuto and sub-jailer Mushtaq Malah, and arrested four people were nominated in the case.