CDA taking steps to make capital greener

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

Islamabad:Capital Development Authority (CDA), Environment Wing took several steps to eliminate environmental pollution to make the city more beautiful and green.

In this regard, as part of the plantation campaign in F-9 Park, 15,000 plants have been planted initially by destroying paper mulberry and poisonous weeds, which are compatible with the local environment and have no negative effects on human health.

The process of destroying such poisonous plants which have negative effects on human health and the environment has also been started. According to the details, under the supervision of Member Environment, Capital Development Authority (CDA), NIH doctors along with private NGOs participated in the tree planting campaign conducted in Islamabad’s F-9 Park.

It should be noted that under CSR, the private company Mari Petroleum has given 20,000 saplings to CDA in the plantation campaign and this series of plantations will continue in the coming days. Furthermore, under the plantation drive, Environment Wing was continuing to plant plantations on the slopes around various highways, connecting roads, intersections, green belts, roads and drains in the city to reduce environmental pollution.