Accumulated gas kills two at plastic waste warehouse

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

Two people lost their lives and another person fell unconscious due to suffocation in an underground tank at a plastic waste warehouse near Eidgah Morr in Baldia Town on Wednesday.

According to initial investigations, the three persons had climbed into the underground tank to place goods, but they were affected by the gas accumulated in the tank. The causalities were taken to the Murshid Hospital in Baldia Town. The deceased were identified as Abdul Hamid, 18, and Shafiullah, 25, while the third victim is Abdul Wasi, 28. Police said evidences are being collected from the site of the incident.

Warehouse fire

A fire erupted at a warehouse in the Bhittai Colony area of Korangi on Wednesday. The fire broke out in the warehouse of a private cable company. Fire tenders from the fire brigade department were immediately dispatched to the area to extinguish the fire. The fire brigade spokesperson stated that the blaze ignited in the rolls of cables stored in the warehouse, adding that the intensity of the fire was such that its flames reached up to 30 feet high from the ground.

The black smoke emanating from the fire spread across the entire area like burning clouds. The spokesperson mentioned that the heat from the fire was felt up to 500 metres away, further stating that rescue workers were facing severe difficulties due to the intensity of the fire.

Due to the intensity of the fire, all efforts of the fire brigade were visibly challenged, said the spokesperson. Rescue workers from Rescue 1122 were also present at the scene of the fire. Firefighters were striving to quell the blazes until the filing of this news story. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the incident.