Health cards to be made functional soon: Maryam

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has said health cards after being redesigned will be made functional soon, adding revamping of the BHUs and RHCs will be undertaken in a phased manner across Punjab.

Provision of free medicines plan has also been sought in the emergency of government hospitals of Punjab. CM chaired a special meeting in which it was principally agreed to launch home delivery of medicines from May 1.

Maryam Nawaz also sought recommendations to introduce improvements in the pathology system. She ordered for improving pathology lab standards across Punjab and also sought a plan in this regard.

The proposal to establish a central pathology lab for the government hospitals was also reviewed during the meeting. CM also sought recommendations and proposals for making a medical city in three districts. Maryam Nawaz also sought the list of vacant, uninhabited and shut down hospital buildings across Punjab.

Maryam Nawaz emphasised that provision of free medicines is the due right of the people of Punjab, adding that ‘we would fulfill our pledge with regard to the provision of free medicines. The people belonging to the backward and far-flung cities have also complete right regarding provision of medical and treatment facilities. Providing treatment facilities to the masses does not amount to doing any favour and we will have to change this attitude of doing favours.’

Maryam Nawaz revealed that the health card after being redesigned will be made functional soon. CM was informed during the meeting that revamping of the big hospitals of Punjab will be completed by June.

50 wheelchairs for Mayo Hospital emergency

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz reached Mayo Hospital Emergency Block all of a sudden. CM directed for providing 50 wheelchairs and stretchers in the Mayo Hospital emergency. On pointing out by an elderly citizen Shabbir Shakir, Maryam Nawaz directed to allocate a special place for offering prayers in the emergency.

CM on the complaints of the patients, ordered to immediately provide chest tube. CM expressed indignation on the security for stopping the people. Maryam Nawaz stated that she belongs to the people and the people should not be kept separate from her, adding that if the people are stopped again then she would turn out the security. Maryam Nawaz also inspected the issuance of admission paper at the reception counter.

She inquired after the patients admitted in the ICU. The patients and the attendants expressed rejoice on seeing CM Maryam Nawaz. Maryam Nawaz also conversed with Rana Bashir Ahmed, Zulfiqar Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed and Abdul Rasheed admitted in the ICU. She prayed for an early recovery of the patients.

She while passing through the corridor stopped on seeing Rohan who came from Muridke. The arm bone of 9 years Rohan was fractured. CM while talking with the young Rohan stated that he is a brave boy and will recover soon. Maryam Nawaz inquired from the patients admitted in the medical ward and also inquired from the doctors about the treatment process.

She stopped on seeing two women worried in the waiting room. She ordered the administration to ensure excellent care of their ailing father. She communicated with the doctors in the hospital as well.

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif chaired the maiden meeting at her office to drive forward the "Clean Punjab" initiative. The CM set a one-month deadline for the province-wide garbage clearance and instructed district administrations and line departments to guarantee cleanliness in their respective areas.

"After this one-month period, I will personally assess the progress made and areas where action is still needed," she asserted. Emphasizing the importance of relieving citizens from the plight of decrepit streets, sewage water and flooded roads, she underscored the urgency of the matter.