Six-year-old girl, priest killed as Russia bombs northeast Ukraine

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

KYIV: Russia bombed parts of Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region on Wednesday, killing four civilians, including a six-year old girl and a priest, regional officials and the interior ministry said.

The 58-year-old priest was killed in the centre of the frontline city of Kupiansk after being buried under the rubble of a church that was hit, Kharkiv’s governor Oleh Synehubov said. A 39-year-old man in a nearby cafe was also killed.

At least 12 residential houses were damaged when Russia dropped FAB-500 bombs on the city, which is some 40-km from the Russian border, Synehubov said.

Five other people were wounded in what has become a war-ravaged ghost town as Russia’s self-styled “special military operation” enters its third year.The Interior Ministry said a six-year old girl and her 48-year-old grandfather were killed in the village of Velykyi Burluk near Kupiansk.