People are talking about —

Sunday, Mar 03, 2024

— the overhunting of birds which has become an issue throughout the country, impacting various areas and how this alarming situation demands prompt attention of the government, as it has had severe consequences for the bird population and has resulted in a rapid decline in the number and species of birds. People say to address the issue effectively, immediate and proactive measures should be taken by implementing stringent regulations so we can help protect the remaining bird species and ensure their survival.

— the need to form a special panel to assist students with writing disabilities, especially those appearing for board exams. Such students should be allowed to choose to opt for oral examinations because additional time, while somewhat helpful, ends up being more frustrating for both students and invigilators, given that exams are already a lengthy ordeal. People say we should strive to give children with disabilities the necessary support for their education and help them make a future for themselves.

— the news report that a country which is not exactly known for its agriculture, is going to help Pakistan boost date palm cultivation, an ironic situation that illustrates that something is terribly wrong. People say either research in agriculture does not get the funding it should get by the government or our scientists do not take their jobs seriously, so as Pakistan's economy is mainly agriculture oriented, it is pertinent to ask why we cannot stand on our own two feet.

— the sad fact that every time it rains heavily, urban flooding causes a lot of damage and impacts the lives of citizens, not to say anything about the health hazards, especially in low lying and slum areas, mainly because of the accumulation of plastic and other waste in our drains, which obstructs the flow of water. This can be prevented if there is a regular cleaning of drains and intensified campaigns to make the public aware of the dangers of disposing of garbage in them.

— a report by the Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) that around 26 million children of school going age in the country are out-of-school. People say it needs no genius to figure out that the major cause of this alarming situation are poverty and disinterested governments, so how will the country progress with large numbers of its future workforce being neglected, since unskilled and uneducated members of the population will add little to the national exchequer when they grow up.

— the report that in recent years, the beautiful peacocks, both wild and domesticated that roam freely in Tharpakar, have fallen victim to a viral disease, leading to the deaths of dozens of birds. To avert further tragedy, concerted efforts must be made to investigate the root causes of the disease, implement measures to protect vulnerable populations and engage communities in conservation efforts. Decisive action is needed to ensure that the iconic birds continue to thrive for generations to come. — I.H.