Resolution for ban on major social media sites lands in Senate

Mumtaz Alvi
Sunday, Mar 03, 2024

ISLAMABAD: Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi has submitted a resolution seeking a ban on social media platforms. The resolution is on the orders of the day for Monday’s Senate session.

Tangi, who continues to be a PPPP senator as per the Senate’s website, has been recently ‘disowned’ by the party for deviating from the party policy lines. He filed the resolution that seeks a ban on social media.

It reads, “Cognizant of the fact that social media platforms are adversely affecting the young generation in the country; Acknowledging the fact that these platforms are being used for promotion of norms against our religion and culture, creating hatred amongst the people on the grounds of language and religion.

“Noting with concern on the use of such platforms against the interests of the country through negative and malicious propaganda against the armed forces of Pakistan; Observing that such platforms are being used by vested interests for spreading fake news about various issues and try to create and promote fake leadership in the country to hoodwink the young generation; The Senate of Pakistan, therefore, recommends to the Government to put a ban on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (X) and Youtube in order to save the young generation from their negative and devastating effects.”

Just before the elections, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had served a show cause notice to Senator Tangi for ‘supporting’ a resolution adopted by the Senate, seeking a delay in the February 8 general elections due to security concerns. But he had failed to explain his position before the party.

Immediately reacting to the resolution, Secretary General PPPP Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari issued a statement to clarify that the PPP has nothing to do with the resolution submitted by Senator Bahramand Tangi in the Senate. He made it clear that the senator has nothing to do with PPP: he was served a show cause notice for deviating from the party policy and had failed to explain before the party. He also pointed out that PPP Charsadda president had cancelled Senator Tangi’s primary membership. “Senator Tangi is retiring from the Senate on March 11. He should not use the name of the party as the PPP has ended his primary membership,” he explained.

Meanwhile, senators, belonging to different political parties in the Senate, have submitted a resolution which is on the orders of the day for Monday’s sitting, strongly recommending and urging the world community to take action for lifting the siege of Gaza immediately and allowing Muslim countries all access and cover for delivery of aid.

The text of the proposed resolution says, “Noting with concern that Israeli army carried out a brutal massacre on 29th February, 2024, on innocent and unarmed Palestinians who were gathered to receive aid (food supplies, medicine, etc.) as a result hundreds of Palestinians were murdered in cold blood.

“Realizing that people of Palestine are already being starved due to the blockade from the international community by the Israeli army; This House strongly recommends and urges International Community to take action such that the siege of Gaza be lifted immediately and Muslim countries be allowed all access and cover for delivery of aid.”