Start strong

Monday, Mar 04, 2024

The first 100 days are very crucial for any new government in terms of its credibility at the national and international level. This period provides leaders a crucial opportunity to set the tone for its tenure by outlining policies and deciding future initiatives. Our own government must use its first 100 days very efficiently, so that the country can address prolonged issues. It needs to structure policies and draw a roadmap for future initiatives which may enable the country to stand on its own two feet instead of relying on foreign creditors. Boosting the industrial sector, modernizing agriculture, reforming education, improving access to basic healthcare, and addressing the impacts of climate change and building climate-resilience must be foremost in the government’s agenda. Hopefully, the new government and the opposition will be aligned on the most crucial policies. This will help ensure good governance, which, unfortunately, the country has lacked for quite some time.

Abdul Jabbar Gola