The blueprint

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024

Pakistan is currently confronted with multiple crises, from economic to political. Economic challenges include unsustainable debt, elevated inflation, the balance of payments crisis, trade deficits, and budget deficits. These challenges are not new but have historical roots that need to be identified and address. Political instability is actually a fight among politicians over power. It exacerbates other challenges such as unemployment, poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to basic needs for people. The new government needs to develop home-grown long-term economic strategies, resolve multiple crises, and ensure a stable political environment for economic decision-making beyond in order to provide relief to the ordinary citizens. This could be possible with an inclusive government that takes all political groups into confidence for the country’s sake. The new set-up should prioritize economic development initiatives to address issues such as unemployment and poverty and ensure free access to basic needs. This can contribute to improved living standards and enhance the overall well-being of the population.

Jhangir Kakar