PCNL method to remove kidney stones resumes at Mayo

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024

LAHORE:Urology Department Chairman at Mayo Hospital, Prof Dr Fawad Nasrullah, has started the PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) procedure to remove all types of stones from the kidney.

In this procedure, a half-inch hole is made in the lower back and a tube is inserted through which a microscope camera and advanced surgical instruments are passed to the kidney, while the process is monitored online on camera and the stones are removed after identification while it can be easily split into pieces and drain, as well.

Talking about this, Prof Fawad Nasrullah told that this procedure is completed in one and a half to two hours and the patient does not have to stay under treatment in the hospital while he is discharged after a few hours ultimately. He added that earlier this treatment for removing kidney stones was available at Mayo Hospital, but due to some reasons, this method of treatment was stopped for a long time. Now with the efforts of KEMU Vice-Chancellor Prof Mahmood Ayaz, Department of Urology has restarted it. Similarly, with the arrival of a new team, the procedure of PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) has been started again, Prof Fawad told. Dr Shah Jahan Khan, Dr Wajid Ali, Dr Umar Hanif, Dr Ghulam Ghous led by Prof Fawad Nasrullah. Dr Asma and Dr Elahi Baksh are included in this team which has taken this big step. Prof Fawad said that several successful procedures were done within a few days, now, In Sha Allah this process will remain continue, which will give great relief to the patients and save them from major operations. He reiterated that as per the policy of the Punjab government we will ensure the provision of all kind of treatment facilities to the patients. Urology Department would certainly extend better facilities and use all its resources in this regard so that the citizens suffering from sensitive and painful diseases like kidneys can be facilitated. He appealed to the doctors to keep their research updated on modern treatment methods so that our patients can get benefit from modern facilities according to the developments around the world.