GCUDC stages play ‘Aik Biwi ka Sawal Hai Baba’

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024

LAHORE: The Government College University Lahore Dramatics Club (GCUDC) brought the vibrant ’70s back to life with their four-day performance of “Aik Biwi ka Sawal Hai Baba,” a romantic comedy musical play that enthralled the audience with its humour, love, and nostalgia.

The show directed by Umer Dar with the creative oversight of Zohaib Zafar Naqvi was staged to pay tribute to celebrated Urdu dramatist, director and actor Kamal Ahmad Rizvi. This two-hour play was a lively journey back to the ’70s, blending romance, humour, and music to charm its viewers. The production's meticulous attention to set design, sound, and music aimed to transport the audience back in time, creating a seamless and engaging theatrical experience. Leading the talented cast was Ahmad Mughal as Raizy, with notable performances by Anumta Shoukat, Saira Iftikhar, and Tania Chiara, the latter serving as the current President of the GCU Dramatics Club. Not only did Chiara shine on stage, but her choreography skills also added a dynamic layer to the production. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Ahmad Adnan praised the GCU Lahore Dramatics Club's rendition of “Aik Biwi ka Sawal Hai Baba,” underscoring theater's educational and societal importance. He remarked that theater is more than just entertainment; it educates, mirrors society and fosters social change.

He added that this production is a prime example of how theater can engage, educate, and entertain all at once. “I am proud of our Dramatics Club for delivering such a high-caliber performance, which not only displays our students' talents but also accentuates the significance of theater in fostering creativity and critical thinking,” he said.