Magician arrested at Dubai airport

Sibte Arif
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024

DUBAI: Dubai authorities arrested a magician upon his arrival from an African country at Dubai International Airport, according to a Dubai Customs official.

During a routine inspection, authorities discovered a range of items associated with sorcery and witchcraft concealed among the magician’s belongings.

In a recent operation at Dubai International Airport, Dubai Customs intercepted a traveler from an African country attempting to smuggle witchcraft and sorcery materials into the country. The vigilant inspectors, equipped with experience and diligence, uncovered a range of items used in sorcery, including a live snake, a monkey’s hand, and spells hidden among the traveler’s luggage.

Upon suspicion, the traveler was subjected to a thorough inspection, revealing a plastic box containing a live snake concealed among the belongings. Further examination revealed additional items associated with witchcraft, including the hand of a monkey, a dead bird, eggs wrapped in cotton for sorcery, spells, talismans, and various tools containing scraps of paper.The items were handed over to the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai for further examination.