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Sunday, Nov 28, 2021

Pakistan is currently the fourth most expensive country and the policies of the incumbent government are responsible for it. Cabinet ministers claim that the economy is moving towards stability, and price hikes are only a result of increasing rates in international markets. While addressing the nation, the prime minister said that prices of petrol are lower than those in neighbouring countries. Control on the situation can be gauged by the fact that one day, the head of the cabinet assured the nation that prices would not mount anymore, but the next day prices were raised. The incumbent government also has no qualms bypassing parliament by presidential ordinances. The APS attack situation too stands unresolved.

The PTI was founded on the claims of accountability and transparency but it has failed to deliver either. Charges against PPP and PML-N leaders stand unproved. While the PTI government has managed to handle the Covid-19 situation successfully, immediately afterwards there has been crippling inflation. The government must revamp its policies or face the people’s lack of trust.

Azhar Ali Mallah