Lux Style Awards and Geo TV joining hands

Mohammad Nasir
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

KARACHI: Preparations are in full swing for the 20th colourful ceremony of Lux Style Awards, the largest awards festival in Pakistan. This is country’s most prestigious award show that has been paying tributes to artistes and celebrities for two decades.

This year, as always, the awards show will feature actors, writers, directors and people from the showbiz and fashion industry who have excelled in the drama, music and fashion industries. Lux Style Awards (LSA) and Geo TV two prestigious partners will be joining hands; now Geo TV is media partner of this most prestigious awards show.

LSA is an endeavour to kindle heartwarming recognition for our entertainers and a chance to showcase the best of Pakistan. As a brand of the nation, it is our pride and joy to have served this vision for over two decades, bringing the people of our country front row seats to the celebration and exhilarating performances of their beloved artistes and cherished entertainers. Our fans can stand firm in the belief that these awards are a tribute to the talent of this country, and whoever may win on the evening of the awards, the true winner is always Pakistan and the Pakistanis whose support and love lends success to this platform of LSA. Since the time that LSA was conceived in 2002, it was always envisioned as a platform to celebrate and honour the talent that drives the success of Pakistan’s film, fashion, music and TV industry. With its celebration of Pakistan’s most unique talent, LSA is a tradition and moment of national pride – generous and full of indigenous soul, it is a platform to recognise young talent, celebrate the current hits and acknowledge with veneration the outstanding work of the Lifetime Achievement winners. This spirit of recognition and honouring of talent is the value that sits at the heart of the LUX Style Awards. For 20 years, LSA has been driven by the love of Pakistan and its people. We continue to support the industry that has made us what we are, and stand today and forever onwards, as #LSAForPakistan. Your votes will decide who wins this prestigious award. Go on to luxstylepk and let your favourites know how much you love them.