Stray dogs maul 12 people in RY Khan

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Nov 28, 2021

RAHIMYAR KHAN: Stray dogs mauled 12 people here.

The dogs bit 12-year-old Shahzad of Chowk Baga, six-year-old Rehana Bibi of Raknpur, 17-year-old Hassanullah of Noorwali, 14-year-old Shahbaz Ahmed of Pirwali, Muhammad Sultan, 39-year-old Yaqub of Yusuf Colony, seven-year-old Kajal of Rasoolpur, 13-year-old Iqra Bibi of Jinnah Park, three-year-old Saba Bibi of Basti Talib Hussain, three-year-old Sadaqat of Pir Abdul Malik and many others.