‘Khilono Ka Safar’: an initiative for unprivileged children

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

KARACHI: A milestone initiative “Khilono Ka Safar” offers a unique entertaining and learning experience to the most vulnerable and underprivileged children of the slums.The initiative has been taken by a young student, Rafi Riaz Malik, following the footsteps of his philanthropist grandfather Malik Riaz Hussain, says a press release on Monday.

A custom-built mobile truck, with play areas, has been developed with different rides, jungle gym, small library, painting and interactive areas for children to create an environment where they can thrive. Puppet shows, magic shows, sports and drawing activities were conducted for children along with fun games with the help of the volunteers. Story sessions were also held for children. They were so thrilled that they didn’t want to go home and said that they had never played such games or fun activities before.

Rafi Malik said, “We focus on the most underprivileged, those overlooked by the government and aim to provide them with an environment which is conducive to generate hope, life & colour for them. A good childhood lays the foundation of a healthy adult life and society.” He added, “As a step forward we aim to establish such permanent centers, in local government schools of these areas, which will help in holistic development of their students.”

Unfortunately, the environment and the resources, in which these children are brought up, are not conducive to inculcate essential skills like creativity and team building. The project will help to learn and enjoy games using toys in groups. It will promote their physical and psycho-social development shape.

With the schools closed due to COVID-19, education has taken the strongest hit. The underprivileged children do not have the access or resources for the digital means to continue their education. Entertainment and sports are important to keep them occupied to help them channel their energy through fun filled activities.