Seminary teacher’s release after ‘pardon’ sparks debate

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Wednesday, Apr 03, 2024

KARACHI: Release of a madrassa teacher accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy after reaching compromise with the accused has raised questions over the implementation of laws about preventing sexual offences against children.

Anchor of Geo News programme Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath said in his broadcast on Tuesday that Tandlianwala police had booked and arrested a madrassa teacher Muawiyah for allegedly raping a child. In a viral video, Tandlianwala SP can be seen reprimanding the accused. The SP can be heard saying that he would get fatwas (religious decrees) again the accused.

The anchor said that while no fatwa could be issued against the accused, Allama Ibtesam Elahi Zaheer interceded for the accused a day before accused’s appearance before the magistrate. Allama told media that the teacher was not accused of rape. The boy’s father forgave the teacher in the name of The Almighty.

The anchor said the incident sparked a debate on social media as to how religious scholars jump in to settle such issues instead of taking steps to prevent child abuse.

The incident shows how police rely on complainant’s statement instead of registering a case on their own as has happened in the case.

The local police have claimed that while the father has excused the accused, they would pursue with the case in the light of whatever evidence they have so far.