Punjab Food Authority: 24 samples of spices found spurious, substandard, contaminated

Ali Raza
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

LAHORE: Out of the 387 samples of different spices inspected by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) across the province, 114 were found to have incorrect and incomplete labelling while 24 samples found sub-standard and presence of contaminations.

The PFA took samples of spices of all major and minor brands from markets and released the final laboratory test results on Monday. DG PFA said that 24 products failed the quality test due to poor quality and adulterated ingredients, and the stock of failed brands will be removed from the markets and destroyed.

DG PFA further said that brands that failed quality tests will not be allowed to operate until they complete the PFA’s reform process. He added that of the 363 passed products, 114 brands were passed despite incorrect and incomplete labelling and the manufacturers were directed to correct their labelling.

“As per PFA rules, the sale of spices was prohibited without the manufacturer’s name, complete address and expiry date. The purpose of packaging and labelling of spices was to deliver better food products to the people,” DG PFA said, adding that the use of mixed spices causes various diseases of stomach, liver and intestine.