Ramiz’s aggressive approach can make a difference: Naushad

Abdul Mohi Shah
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Former ICC match referee and Test cricketer Col (r) Naushad Ali backed Ramiz Raja’s aggressive approach on and off the field, saying that he has all the capability to make the difference.

Naushad who also acted as Ramiz Raja’s manager (1992-93) and chief selector (when Raja was a member of the selection committee) said he always found him having in-depth knowledge on the game.

“There are a few former cricketers who can fulfil the requirements to become a chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Ramiz Raja is one of them. Watching him talking straight was really a good sign. Since he knows in and out of the game, I am hopeful and positive about his success as he has got all the knowledge and administrative qualities required for the job.”

Naushad admitted that Pakistan cricket required a versatile approach. “Things have changed a lot in recent times. You have to be an all rounder to fulfil all the requirements as the country’s cricket chief. I know Prime Minister Imran Khan more than most of the cricketers. If he has picked Ramiz Raja for the job that means he must have seen some qualities in him. What the PM wants is a person to carry forward his cricketing agenda. There are no two opinions that Imran Khan knows the game more than anyone else. When we look around Ramiz seems to be the most suitable cricketer for the job.”

The former ICC match referee said Ramiz is well equipped with the requirements of international cricket. “Since he has been busy as a leading cricket expert, he is updated as what Pakistan cricket requires. So, I am very positive about his future as a Chairman PCB.”