Good sense comes late

Wednesday, Apr 10, 2024

Former PM Imran Khan has reportedly stated that some of his party members are in contact with his rivals and they want to dismantle his party. He may well be right, but shifting loyalties are a natural part of our political system. Despite a mammoth party membership and strong support from the young and educated, Imran almost always prioritized the big wigs and electables, despite the fact that many of them had ditched their old parties to join him. Many were known to frequently change parties depending on who seemed most likely to secure power. And yet, it seemingly never occurred to him that these fair-weather friends could ditch him should his fortunes change as well.

Then there is his belated realization that talking to other parties could, in fact, be for the best. If he sticks to his old stand that he would not compromise with other parties, he should wait and prepare for the next elections by awarding all party tickets to young workers. If he wins a majority he should form the next government and, if not, he should continue in opposition. And if he wants to bring any improvement in the system by becoming a part of it, he will have to partner with other parties and other stakeholders.

Gulsher Panhwer