University issues

Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) is one of the best public universities as per national rankings but students here are faced with numerous issues including a non-cooperative administration, faculty concerns, and course design. Once my friend and I applied for our transcripts on an urgent basis. What should have taken five working days ended up taking 12 and we had to visit the admin office daily. Meanwhile, evening students are on campus till 6pm, but the departmental libraries close around 3:45pm, facilitating only the morning batch.

Morning batch buses are also quite large in numbers, but, for the evening batch, they have merged the routes. Students from many areas are fitted in one bus, overloading the bus and also making it time consuming to reach their destinations. Aside from poor administration, the faculty is often inaccessible after class hours and visiting faculty often disappears after grading assignments or papers, leaving students unable to get feedback. These issues cannot be left unchecked and must be addressed.

Khawla Gul