Robbery shootings continue during Eid as man gunned down, two others wounded

Faraz Khan
Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

A man was gunned down on Thursday when he tried to resist an attempt to rob him of his cash in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The victim had just withdrawn money for Eid when the incident occurred.

Sixty people have lost their lives this year at the hands of robbers in the city, with 21 of them shot dead in Ramazan alone. According to the statistics of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), 22,584 street crime incidents, including phone and vehicle snatching, occurred in this year’s first three months. In March 7,485 cases were reported, with 163 cars snatched and stolen, 5,514 motorbikes snatched and stolen, and 1,808 mobile phones snatched.

In February 7,297 cases were reported, with 171 cars snatched and stolen, 5,137 motorbikes snatched and stolen, and 1,989 mobile phones snatched. In January 7,802 cases were reported, with 180 cars snatched and stolen, 5,317 motorbikes snatched and stolen, and 2,305 mobile phones snatched.

Thursday’s incident took place on Rashid Minhas Road. The victim was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH). He was identified as Syed Turab Hussain Zaidi, 40. He was a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Police said Zaidi had gone to the ATM booth in his residential building with his friend to withdraw money, adding that when they came out of the booth, robbers were waiting outside to snatch his cash and his friend’s phone.

Police also said that when the robbers asked them to hand over more money, they resisted, which prompted the robbers to shoot Zaidi in the head. The CCTV camera footage of the incident shows the robbers riding a motorbike. It also shows Zaidi withdrawing money from the ATM, being pushed to the ground by a robber and being shot dead.

The victim’s father told the media that his son was the sole breadwinner, and that he was killed in front of their house. “Turab was my only son, and the brother of three sisters.” He said his son’s friend had handed over his money and phone to the robbers, adding that when his son resisted, the robbers shot him in the head.

He also said the wife of his son’s friend came running to him to inform him about the incident. “When I went out, Turab was lying in a pool of blood.”

The father said the victim had three children, the youngest being six months old, and he used to work the night shift at a call centre. “I appeal to the chief minister to do something for Turab’s children. I am retired and can’t do anything.”

The funeral prayers for the victim were offered at Khairul Amal Imambargah in Ancholi Society. A large number of people, including his family and other relatives, attended the funeral. He was laid to rest in the Wadi-e-Hussain graveyard.

A case was registered at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal police station on the complaint of the victim’s uncle. The FIR states that four unidentified suspects had attacked Zaidi and his friend Faisal Parvez.

Home Minister Ziaul Hassan Lanjar ordered the immediate suspension of Gulshan-e-Iqbal SHO Ghulam Yasin, directing the District East SSP to conduct an inquiry and immediately arrest the culprits.

Separately, a woman was wounded near Tayyaba Masjid in Orangi Town. She was taken to ASH. Police said the woman, identified as Nazleen Hashmat Ali, 40, had left home to buy breakfast items for her children when robbers shot her, and snatched her phone and cash.

Similarly, Faras, 18, was wounded in Gulberg. He was taken to ASH. Police said the victim had been using his phone outside his home when a couple of motorcyclists shot him and snatched his phone. In another incident, a man was wounded in Jamshed Quarters. He was taken to Dr Ruth KM Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi, where he was identified as Tanvir Abdul Haq, 39.