PPP leader Waqar Mehdi advises Tessori to go on leave

Our Correspondent
Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

Notwithstanding the generally cordial relationship between the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Sindh government and Governor Kamran Khan Tessori, a PPP leader has advised Tessori to go on leave until the federal government led by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) appoints a new governor in the province.

PPP Sindh General Secretary Waqar Mehdi said in a statement issued to the media that Tessori had proved to be the biggest failure as governor in the history of the province. Mehdi said that being the representative of the federation in the province, a governor is supposed to develop consensus on political issues. However, he pointed out, Tessori had failed to discharge his due role in this regard.

The PPP leader lamented that instead of eliminating politics of division, the incumbent Sindh governor had furthered this unwanted practice in the political arena through his actions. He called upon the PML-N ruling in the Centre to immediately finalise its nominee as the new governor in Sindh. “Kamran Tessori better go on leave until the PML-N chooses the new governor for Sindh.”

He mentioned that the speaker of the Sindh Assembly can assume the role of acting provincial governor until the PML-N finalises a name for the position and in the absence of Tessori after he goes on leave.

‘Uncalled for’

In a statement issued to the media, members of the provincial assembly belonging to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) termed Mehdi’s statement redundant and uncalled for.

The legislators said that the issuance of such a statement in the current situation reflected non-seriousness on the part of the PPP leader. They said Mehdi does not have any real status in the PPP, adding that his standing in the party is merely on paper for ornamental purposes.

The MQM-P MPAs advised the PPP to come up with an unequivocal stance on the issue in the current circumstances so that their party can properly respond to a clear opinion of the Peoples Party about the current governor.

The lawmakers were of the view that the PPP does not have any prerogative to comment upon the performance of the incumbent governor of Sindh.

They said that it is obligatory for the PPP to take steps to resolve the sense of deprivation prevailing among the people of Sindh as a result of the party’s continuous rule in the province for 15 years.


Responding to the statement issued by the MQM-P’s MPAs, the PPP’s Karachi-based leader Raza Haroon said the Muttahida had failed to defend the incumbent Sindh governor. Haroon said that a meaningless statement having no factual basis had been issued by the MQM-P leaders.

“We have come to know that the MQM has become the most pleased due to Waqar Mehdi’s statement calling upon the federal government to appoint a new governor in the province.”

He said the MQM-P is beset by internal rifts, adding that the political party wants to change the incumbent governor. He claimed that the MQM-P had been blackmailing the PML-N over the issue of nominating a new Sindh governor. “The status of those who have termed Waqar Mehdi’s status in PPP ornamental is itself suspicious.”


PPP leader and former federal minister Dr Asim Hussain met the Sindh governor at the Governor House. A spokesman for the governor said the PPP leader extended Eid greetings to Tessori. Both discussed issues related to the welfare and protection of the people of Sindh and other matters of mutual interest.

Dr Hussain also visited the special marquee being used at the Governor House for conducting a free-of-charge mass IT education programme. The PPP leader appreciated the efforts of Tessori to virtually transform the Governor House into an IT University imparting free education to deserving students.

After certain quarters sensed that the PPP leader was on a damage-control mission following Mehdi’s statement against Tessori, the governor’s spokesman clarified that the meeting did not have any political content.

The spokesman said the meeting between the two was only for exchanging Eid greetings, adding that the PPP leader did not convey any political message to the Sindh governor.