Eid celebrated with religious zeal, fervour; over 2,500 cops deployed to ensure security

Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

Rawalpindi:Eid-ul-Fitr celebrated across Rawalpindi division like other parts of the country with religious zeal and fervour while Rawalpindi district police had made foolproof security arrangements.

Rawalpindi District Police had finalized a foolproof security plan for Eid-ul-Fitr while over 2500 cops were on duty outside 659 mosques, 76 imambargahs and 77 open places to provide security to the worshippers, said a police spokesman.

He informed that 32 special pickets had been set up across the city, with over 450 officers on duty during Chand Raat to bolster the security measures. To tackle the issue of one-wheeling, over 300 officers from Rawalpindi district police and Traffic Police were also on duty. Moreover, a contingent of 500 Traffic Police Officers was managing the city’s traffic flow to prevent congestion and ensure smooth movement.

The security plan extends beyond prayer spaces, with 250 officers stationed at public places, parks, and approximately 300 at important cemeteries.

City Police Officer (CPO) Khalid Mehmood Hamdani had directed that policemen deployed on security duty to use metal detectors to search the participants. Walk through gates were installed on important places where the events of Eid congregations were held, he added.

He said that on the special directives of City Police Officer, Rawalpindi Khalid Mehmood Hamdani police officers also ensured patrolling in their respective areas. The CPO had warned that negligence on part of officials concerned would not be tolerated at any cost and strict departmental action would be taken against them.

The day dawned with special Eid sermons where Ulema stressed for unity of Muslim Ummah and prayed for the prosperity and wellbeing of the country. On this occasion, special prayers were also offered for Palestine, the progress and prosperity of the country, unity of the ‘Ummah’, solution of their problems and liberation of Muslim territories, including occupied Kashmir.

All important public and private buildings, including shopping centres and parks were decorated and illuminated. Ulema and khateebs from different schools of thought delivered special sermons and lectures to highlight the significance of the day.

Following the Eid prayers, the citizens spent their time feasting with family and friends and feeding those who are less fortunate. Sweets and other special dishes were prepared for serving the guests.

People also exchanged gifts on the occasion. A large number of local residents as well as people from surrounding areas headed toward public parks and picnic spots in Rawalpindi on first, second and third day of Eid ul Fitr.

The amusement parks remained the centre of attention for the families and visitors. On the first day of Eid, the rain coupled with dark clouds and cold winds turned the weather pleasant as a large number of people visited major amusement parks to enjoy the Eid holidays.

After Eid prayers and exchanging greetings with relatives, people visited parks and picnic places. All the amusement parks were jam-packed with the visitors as children enjoyed rides, swings, boating, and horses and camel rides.

The families and children also enjoyed mini-train rides while children enjoyed themselves by taking pictures with wild and caged animals in zoo and parks. At Ayub National Park, the families indulged in riding motor boats while children enjoyed the waterfall at ‘Joy land’. The toddlers enjoyed the rides on electronic swings. The families including children flooded Ayub Park, Jinnah Park, Rumi Park, Ladies Park, Children’s Park, Dhok Munshi Park, Allama Iqbal Park, and other places during the Eid holidays.

The managements charged Rs800 per person for boating, Rs500 to 600 for a ‘dodging’ car ride, Rs250 for camel and horse riding, Rs200 for the train ride, Rs300 for electro swing games, etc.

Food stalls and vendors also charged double from the families visiting the parks and public spots. Ayub Park saw the families in droves as the newly built amusement park teeming with all kinds of flowers from around the world remained the main attraction.

People also enjoyed wild animals, birds and pets in some parks and zoos. The City Traffic Police (CTP) had also finalised a plan to regulate the traffic on city roads during the Eid days.

As many as 460 traffic wardens including eight DSPs, 112 Inspectors, 340 traffic wardens were deployed to regulate traffic and check one wheeling on Chand Raat and during Eid days. A special control room had been set up which was working round-the-clock to cope with any emergency, he added.

He informed that Commissioner Rawalpindi Division had directed the departments concerned particularly police, City Traffic Police (CTP) and Rescue-1122 to remain alert during Eid ul Fitr holidays to ensure security and provide maximum relief to the citizens.