Education for all

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

It is disheartening to witness that many qualified yet underprivileged students cannot pursue their higher education owing to rising fees. Consequently, numerous talented individuals from underprivileged backgrounds forgo their academic aspirations and instead enter the labour force to support their families financially. This results in a great loss of potential talent for our nation every year. Despite this reality, both the government and the universities seem indifferent to the issue. In the past, public universities were accessible to lower-middle class students but they have now become financially out of reach for many.

Given the rampant inflation, even some middle-class students are struggling to pay the exorbitant fees charged by universities. Regrettably, public-sector universities now consistently implement a significant fee hike every year during admissions season without considering the financial background of applicants. The higher education authorities must ask all the public-sector universities in the country to moderate their fees, giving an opportunity to all deserving students regardless of their financial background.

Muhammad Ismail Moroojo