Sinn Fein’s policies ‘not compatible’ with Fianna Fail

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

DUBLIN: Charlie McConalogue said Sinn Fein’s policy platform is “not compatible” with Fianna Fail, but stopped short of ruling out going into government with the party.

The Minister for Agriculture said his party has made some “difficult decisions” in the past to ensure its policies are represented at the top through various government structures.

He was speaking at the 82nd Fianna Fail Ard Fheis conference in Dublin.

“If you look at our track record, we’ve made some difficult decisions as a party in order to make sure that our policy platform can be representative in government, through the confidence and supply previously, which was a challenging space,” Mr McConalogue said.

The Donegal minister said the party made it work for the “interest of the country” and in the interest of “getting as much of our policy platform” implemented.

He also said that Fianna Fail made the “unprecedented” move of being in government with Fine Gael. He also accused Sinn Fein of “flip flopping” over issues. “Sinn Fein have certainly not covered themselves in glory in relation to their performances in opposition,” he added.

“The amount of flip flopping and the amount of things they’ve got wrong in opposition, where they’ve no responsibility, would have to give you the quivers in relation to what their capacity would be able to be if they ever to get into government.

“I think they’re quivering about (that) themselves with the idea that (going into government) might even be a possibility for them. “Our objective is good, strong leadership in the country, good management of the economy, and good delivery in relation to public services.

“That will be our focus in terms of the platform and that will be the focus in terms of implementing our policy afterwards. “As the Tanaiste (Micheal Martin) said, certainly Sinn Fein’s policies and Sinn Fein’s performance bear no relationship to the type of approach that we’ve been taking, or the type of government would we wish to run after the next election.”

He said he wanted Fianna Fail to be in government with the strongest mandate possible. “After the next election the people will decide on who is able to put a government together,” he added. “From our point of view, Sinn Fein’s platform is not one as compatible with the approach that we take in government.

“What I’m ruling in is the fact that we will be available and want to get into government, and we will want to have our policy platform implemented.”