Tajrabatay Zindgi: Poetry to treasure

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

The collection of poems ‘Tajrabatay Zindgi’ written by Nafeesa Sultan is unsophisticated, brief, feelings from her observations as one who notices humanity and the world and desires to share her views with a larger audience. There is a degree of warmth to her poetry. Her poems range from cheerful to optimistic statements.

Poetry permits the mind to untangle the prettiness of life, the grief, the amusing aspects, and the heartbreaking losses. Well-positioned words sometimes disjoint themselves; revealing the poet’s soul as she shares her thoughts and her casual thought shapes. Subjects deal with life, loss and love, nature and the world, and reflections about people, strangers, and society.

The poet is ever encouraging, sharing her thoughts, hoping that she will inspire readers’ thoughts and artistic undertakings. If she has impressed a heart, motivated a mind, or consoled a lost soul, then she has written these poems not in vain. Very thoughtful words echo throughout her poetry.

‘Tajrabatay Zindgi’ is a pleasing and easy-to-read collection of poems that observes ordinary life and its importance. In these poems, which have a narrative feel the language becomes more engaging. The unthinking cruelty of fate is too vast and unfathomable to summarize or explain, so Nafeesa sits with it with us, aghast, stumped, and sad, but also unwilling to leave us behind.

Nafeesa’s poetry reflects the mixed and dissimilar roles different people play in life, the worker, husband, homemaker, etc., and the identical significance of all. The poetry’s dominant subject is appreciating life. It shows what life offers us, what matters in life, and makes the most of what we have.

Poetry is a good way of expressing oneself and sending her messages across, having fun while being innovative. From working in several dissimilar offices sometimes, messages are a lot more vigorous through poetry. Poems in this book are from real-life experiences, which bring entertainment into the workplace and afford cherished communication in ordinary lives.

Words, nature, and life experiences are facets of this poetry that retell the readers of vicissitudes in life and much more. I hope a reader may find comfort and peace and know that hope is out there. This poetry collection will appeal to readers who enjoy little, comprehensible, and intelligible poems about ordinary life and its colours. I adored how the poems raise questions and inspire the readers to contemplate for a moment and find his/her responses.

A pleasant and stimulating collection of poems looks at life, people, urgencies, and resolves. Life is like that: accidental, short-lived, and even at times changeable. The poet shares in her inspiring poetry that life is rhythmical, genuine, kind, contemplative and so much more. The book is bursting with durable, unforgettable poems that stick with readers. Some poems provide consolation by facing pessimism and discovering flashes of brightness within the blackness.