Poetry with beauty and grace

Ibne Ahmad
Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

This poetry collection ‘Dosti Sub Kutch Hai’, written by Uzma Haider, celebrates friendship in all aspects -from the delight of making a friend to the serene joys of longtime devotion. Verses are about best friends, caring friends, precious friends, and even unforgettable friends.

Is there anything dearer to the heart in life than a friend is? In addition, there is good coverage of that experience. Lovely, moving, provoking, and touching.

I can probably count the number of truly good and lasting friends I have had in my life, and there were many years I wish I had many more, the ones I’ve found along the way have made many of the poems in this collection resonate with me deeply. It helped me understand the human bond-why some friends last and others do not, what is the hunger for companionship, and why we truly need other people.

This collection is special to me because it reminds me of some very special people i.e. friends and soul mates. There are poems on the joys of companionship, consolation, and love, making this a perfect gift for readers.

Some of the most beautiful poems give us insight into the important things in life. This collection of poems celebrates the good and bad things about friendship, loneliness, and love. Friendship is a great topic for the readers. The poems are cute and well written and unique. ‘Dosti Sub Kutch Hai’ is a compilation of poems revolving around friendship and the trials and tribulations that accompany it. The poems in this book range from rhyming and rhythmic to free verse and reintroduce different fundamental elements and characteristics of poetry.

This book is not solely about friendship. It is in part, about life’s journey and the many paths we cross, touching one soul after another seasonally, relationally, or spiritually. In our skin, we can sometimes feel alone. We are not alone. We all share a common bond i.e. emotions. Someone out there, another soul has felt something similar.

Uzma Haider has created a collection of poetry that speaks directly to the emotional core. The writing is fresh and soulful, courageous, evocative, and yes, interesting. Best of all, the language is not penned in a highbrow or stuffy manner, but based on the truth of everyday talk, thus the poetry is highly relevant. This poetry touches upon various themes and yet zeroes in on the subject of friendship. The poet does a yeoman’s job at striking just the right poetic balance as she speaks of dreams, loneliness, passion, joy, and sorrow in the midst of other topics.

Close to this poetry is the recurring theme of love, which Uzma Haider embraces fully, and draws from it both beauty and grace. It is a good reading for those having a vibrant inner life.