Water supply from Hub Dam disrupted as power outage damages line

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (KWSC) main rising water line of 66-inch diameter was damaged on Saturday night due to a sudden power outage at the Hub Pumping Station.

According to a spokesperson for the KWSC, the corporation’ staff reached the site after receiving the information and inspected the affected line. KWSC Chief Operating Officer Engineer Asadullah Khan instructed the relevant officials to complete the restoration work on an emergency basis to prevent inconvenience for the citizens.

The chief engineer bulk of the water corporation said the maintenance work on the affected line would be completed in the next 72 hours. He mentioned that the supply of water to the city from the Hub Dam had been temporarily disrupted, and some areas of District West and District Central would be affected due to the impacted line. He urged the citizens to use water cautiously to avoid any inconvenience.