‘Beyond Life’ unveiled

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

The arrival of Dr. Khalid Jameel Akhtar’s self-penned English manuscript, “Beyond Life,” offers readers a profound exploration of existence beyond the surface.

Dr. Akhtar, a distinguished physician from Lahore, has earned acclaim in the medical field, particularly for his contributions to rehabilitation sciences.

Through “Beyond Life,” he skillfully paints life’s diverse hues and forms, delving deep into the essence of human emotion. This autobiography serves as a beacon of hope for those feeling lost or disheartened, reigniting their zest for life.

Critics praise the book for its ability to inspire readers to cherish, endure, and relish life’s blessings. Dr. Akhtar’s narrative prowess captivates audiences, drawing them into a spellbinding tale they cannot escape. “Beyond Life” stands as a testament to his unparalleled storytelling skills, offering readers a compelling glimpse into his journey. Originally published as “Third Birth” nearly two decades ago, this English rendition includes events from that era, promising a comprehensive exploration of various themes.

The extensive coverage of topics within its 426 pages underscores the dedication of Book Hub Publications to deliver quality literature. The book is a valuable addition to any reader’s collection.