China natural disasters cost $3.3bn in first quarter

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

BEIJING, April 13 (Reuters) - Floods, droughts, an earthquake and freezing conditions in China caused direct economic losses of 23.76 billion yuan ($3.28 billion) in the first quarter, the government said on Saturday.

The emergency management ministry cited damage from several cold spells, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, landslides in Yunnan province in the southwest and flooding on the Yellow River.

The disasters killed 79 people while 110,000 needed emergency relocation and resettlement and 10.4 million people across 26 regions and provinces were affected in the period, the ministry said in a report. Other natural disasters included a drought in the southwest affecting 424,000 hectares (10,500 acres) of crops.