Serbian runway honours shooting victim with Dior designs

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

BELGRADE: Jelena Acimovic is not a model, but on Friday evening she walked the runaway at Belgrade Fashion Week in a dress designed by Dior DIOR.PA after drawings by her 14-year old sister who was killed in a school massacre last year.

Angelina Acimovic was in history class when her classmate, a 13-year old boy, entered the school and killed nine pupils and a guard in a shooting spree.

“This dress is white and resembles a wedding dress, she did not live long enough to see me as bride,” Jelena said before the show.

To commemorate Angelina’s life, her family last year called on designers to make dresses after her drawings made when she was 10 years old and attended a designers course for children.

Many Serbian designers responded and two dresses were made by Dior. Angelina’s two sisters, nine of her young friends and several professional models walked the runaway wearing dresses.

“In every drawing there was joy and beauty. She had a very serious approach,” said Bata Spasojevic, a Serbian designer who was among the first designers to respond to the Acimovic family’s call to revive their daughter’s sketches.

Angelina’s other sister, Marija, wore an elegant sleeveless pink dress with a train. Pink was Angelina’s favourite colour, she said.