Compromising on quality

Thursday, Apr 18, 2024

There is a long list of issues that have crippled and dilapidated the education system of Pakistan. One of the most prevalent is the lack of quality teaching staff, particularly in higher education. In numerous universities nationwide, we suffer from a dearth of good teachers. At this level of education, students need teachers who can guide them to the right path and cultivate their intellect and creativity. Sadly, the higher education faculty and staff we have are often unable to polish students in the desired way. A recent incident in my university prompted me to think even harder about this issue.

One of the senior professors, who had a rich educational and professional background, was ousted by the vice chancellor. This was apparently done on the grounds that he was being paid too highly, and they could hire 4-5 lecturers at the same salary. This decision was utterly mind-boggling for every student. Five copper coins cannot compensate one for the loss of a single gem. How can any rational leader of a good institute prioritize money over quality?

Shayan Ashraf