Loud spectators

Monday, Apr 22, 2024

This refers to the letters ‘Unceasing fire’ (April 13, 2024) by Guldar Ali Khan Wazir and ‘The killing goes on’ (April 13, 2024) by Syed Muzammil Hussain. If we look at the roots of the present situation in Gaza, the harsh fact emerges that while the Zionist Israeli state is being fully backed in its terrorist actions by the powerful Western countries such as the USA, UK, and others; the embattled people of Palestine have no real backers/supporters. In particular, none of the world’s Muslim countries, other than Iran, have done much to help the Palestinians at this critical time.

By and large, most Muslim countries have stuck to offering aid, much of which is not even reaching Gaza due to the Israeli blockade and targeting of aid trucks, and paying lip-service to the importance of human rights and the need for a ceasefire. They appear to remain weak and divided and can only watch with shame the open genocide of Palestinians in violation of all international laws and charters.

Ilyas MB Khan