Security plan: Sharea Faisal, other roads to stay shut for two hours today

Salis bin Perwaiz
Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

Due to security reasons, the Karachi Traffic Police late on Monday night changed their traffic diversion plan, and according to which both sides of Sharea Faisal will remain closed from 3pm to 5pm.

The diversion plan was unveiled ahead of the arrival of the Iranian president in the city. Officials said Sharea Faisal from the Karachi airport to the PIDC will be closed to traffic for two hours, besides Sharea Quaideen and Dr Ziauddin Road, on April 23 from 3pm to 5pm due to security reasons.

Moreover, both tracks of MA Jinnah Road will also be closed from Gurumandir to Garden Chowk. Officials said the citizens should take alternative routes. Shahrah Faisal’s both tracks will be closed for traffic from the airport to the PIDC, Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road (Ziauddin Bridge/Lily Bridge) from Lily Bridge’s traffic light signal to Shaheen Complex, Khajoor Chowk. Both tracks of Sharea Quaideen from Guru Mandir to Sharea Faisal will be shut for traffic. Moreover, bothtracks of MA Jinnah Road from Guru Mandir to Garden Chowk will be completely closed for traffic.

Alternative routes

Passengers who want to go from Defence-Clifton to the airport should take a left via the Qayyumabad Bridge and go towards Korangi Industrial Area, Brooks Chowrangi, Singer Chowrangi, Murtaza Chowrangi, Dawood Chowrangi to Quaidabad.

From there, one can go to Jinnah Terminal Jinnah Airport via Malir Halt on the left side from the National Highway. Those passengers who want to go to the airport from II Chandrigarh Road, Tower and Keamari should take Muaripur Road, Lyari Expressway, via Sohrab Goth, via Super Highway Malir Cantt No. 6 Check Post and Model Colony Cemetery.

Passengers who want to go to and Central and West districts and Saddar from the airport can take a left turn from the airport’s out signal to the Model Colony cemetery and then take a left turn through Jinnah Avenue via Gate No. 6 to reach their destination.

Passengers going to Jinnah Hospital and NICVD can go from the Qayyumabad Flyover, Korangi Industrial Area via Chaudhry Khaliq-Uz-zaman Road, Lily Bridge traffic light signal and Cantt Station.

People coming from Korangi can go to Jinnah Hospital and Cantt Station by turning left from Korangi Road-Kala Pul via Navy Heights, while people coming from Central and West districts can turn left from Mauripur, Queen’s Road, Mai Kolachi Road, Boat Basin, Submarine Underpass, and turn right from Delhi Colony, Lily Bridge traffic light signal, and go to Jinnah Hospital and Cantt Station.

The road leading to Naumaish from Guru Mandir will be closed for traffic and people should take a left turn from Business Recorder Road at Lasbela Chowk to Nishtar Road at Albela traffic light signal and then turn left at Ramswamy towards Civil Hospital and Tower.

Those who wish to visit Jama Cloth can take an alternative route from Eidgah Chowk to Garden Chowk taking a left turn through Aga Khan-III Road along the Makki Masjid and the zoo to reach their destination.

The passengers are requested to choose alternative routes to avoid hassles. In case of further problems, they can contact the traffic helpline 1915 where representatives are always available to help the citizens.