US looking into alleged Israeli human rights abuses in Gaza: Blinken

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

WASHINGTON: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday (April 22) said that the United States is looking into allegations of human rights abuses by Israel in its operations against Hamas in Gaza.

Unveiling the State Department’s annual human rights report, Blinken denied the United States has a double standard when it comes to Israel and human rights.

“Do we have a double standard? The answer is no,” Blinken told reporters. Axios news site on Saturday (May 20) reported that Washington was planning to impose sanctions on Israel’s Netzah Yehuda battalion, which has operated in the occupied West Bank, though the Israeli military said it was not aware of any such measures.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday (May 21) he would fight against sanctions being imposed on any Israeli military units for alleged rights violations, after media reports said Washington was planning such a step.