Humanity’s twilight?

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

This letter refers to the article ‘The AGI threat’ (May 12, 2024) by Muhammad Siddique Ali Pirzada. The writer explains how Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can surpass human capabilities. There is no doubt that the coming era totally belongs to AGI since human abilities are far away from those of machines. One of the main reasons AGI can surpass human capabilities is because a single machine can do the work of thousands of humans in just minutes with full accuracy and speed.

Having such accurate, fast, and cheap facilities, companies and corporations will definitely prefer AGI over humans. Sadly, humans can never compete with them as with the passage of time AGI gets ever better. Surely, humans will lose jobs and their importance will disappear in every walk of life with the arrival of AGI.

Zakeer Baloch