Not-so-hidden wealth

Saturday, May 18, 2024

This week’s property leaks are not the first of their kind. In my view, the information disclosed in these and past leaks reveals the reason behind the country’s chronically weak financial position. Those who can turn things around by making reforms instead seemingly prefer to send their money abroad and leave the country’s challenges unaddressed.

When we see the lifestyle of our state officials we can deduce that many of them are living beyond their declared sources of income and no one is ready to think about the money trail of such people. We need to ensure a fair system and to minimize corruption from top to bottom. Constantly taking loans will not work for too long.

Khalid Mustafa



In response to this week’s property leaks, some politicians have said that their properties abroad were declared and denied any wrongdoing. One must ask if the properties were declared under the many amnesty schemes our governments have come up with. If so, did the government investigate how the money was transferred abroad?

What about those who say their properties were gifted to them? Were such properties declared before being gifted? We should re-visit such cases and award suitable punishment.

Shakir Lakhani