Paper leak

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Revelations of the SPSC exam paper leak are an unashamed assault on the hopes and aspirations of young people in Sindh. This is not merely an administrative hiccup, it is a systematic erosion of trust that crushes dreams and consequently fuels hopelessness. We, the young people of Sindh, are already burdened by a miserable socio-economic climate, rising unemployment, crippling inflation and limited future prospects. The SPSC was supposed to be a gateway to a better future, a merit-based system where talent and hard work would be rewarded.

Disillusioned youth may seek opportunities elsewhere, which will continue to deprive Sindh of its talented workforce. One should also not forget the fact that inefficient recruitment leaves the public underserved, which impacts every citizen. A systematic investigation by an independent body is indispensable to identify and hold those responsible accountable. Meanwhile, it would wise to explore alternative models for conducting exams with stronger safeguards against malpractice.

Tania Shahjahan

Kamber Ali Khan