SZABIST holds seminar on promoting peace in Gaza

Our Correspondent
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Islamabad:Shaheed Bhutto Foundation organised a seminar on ‘Promoting Peace in Gaza: The role of Pakistan and Muslim Nations on achieving a cease fire,’ held at SZABIST Campus. The event provided a platform to mark solidarity with Palestinians especially those who have lost their dear and near ones.

The CEO of Shaheed Bhutto Foundation Asif Khan, addressed the honorable audience especially the Ambassador of Palestine that PPP has always support human rights and are always ahead to promote peace in every possible way. He further said that people around the world are protesting against the destruction caused by conflicts and pushing for diplomacy led by regular people, especially with the situation in Gaza and Palestine gaining attention. Ambassador of Palestine Ahmed Rabaie also expressed his concern towards Gaza and expresses gratitude towards Muslim Countries who are always there whenever need arises.

Farhatullah Babar a prominent name in politics said that at more than 80, he entertained a hope and a dream. He dreamt that, he may not see himself, but his children and grandchildren will see that from Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea Palestine will be free. He said that Palestinians had been made to wade in blood so far that retreating and abandoning their homes will be as tedious as to go on. He said that if Palestinians were forced to continue to wade in blood Israel also will never see peace and asked the world to heed it. He said that some people wondered that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had sent PAF fighter jets to Middle East to fight alongside the Arabs but no one after Bhutto showed this courage. He lamented that there was degradation in all institutions of the state over the past decades and this explains why no one after Zulfikar Ali Bhutto stood as resolutely for Palestine as he. What was happening in Palestine was not a conflict but genocide and complimented South Africa for moving the ICC."

Humaira Tayyab, a human rights activist who is running a campaign to save Gaza to show solidarity with Gaza people, explained how her team is working to raise issue at International level so they can announce a cease fire.